BoonDocker Sidekick

BoonDocker Sidekick


Lightweight, pull 'n go, responsive power.

Pump Gas

Factory Tuned

Complete Package

Lightweight Design

Responsive Driveability

Predictable Horsepower

Consistent Performance

Altitude-Compensating Boost

Pull 'n Go Turbocharger


$3,995 - BoonDocker Sidekick Turbo Kit

Factory-tuned, pull 'n go turbo kit.  Pro-tuned for optimum boost on pump gas.


New for 2018: Choose Your Exhaust

Deep Snow Exhaust: Features BoonDocker's patented tunnel exit design to prevent bogging in deep snow conditions.

Standard Exhaust: Uses the stock exhaust outlet.


NOTE: The Standard Exhaust is not compatible with a chain-case model sled, which includes the Polaris SKS model line and/or any snowmobile that comes factory with a 3" track.  Choose the Deep Snow Exhaust option instead.  Also, the Sidekick turbo kit is not designed for use below 5,000 feet in elevation.  Upgrades are necessary for use at lower elevations.