Turbo Kit: SideKick Agility

Turbo Kit: SideKick Agility

The All-New SideKick Agility

The TOP-RATED Snowmobile Turbo Kit! ALL-NEW for 2020, the SideKick Agility™ features better runability in more conditions. Higher boost. Fits 2019+ Polaris (PRO) Patriot 850 excluding the 146”.

Completely Redesigned Kit
– Integrated, fully-heat shielded exhaust and turbo
– BoonDocker Exclusive new stock-exit deep snow exhaust system
– Designed for faster & easier installation
– Updated electronics
– Higher boost levels
– Modular kit allowing customization for your needs

– TURBOCHARGER: BoonDocker F47
– ACTUATOR: Blue (4-8 psi)
– MUFFLER: BoonDocker Exclusive deep snow exhaust capability through the stock exit (not through the tunnel). High-performance, sound-reducing, high quality construction.
– CLUTCHING: Not included
– ELECTRONICS: BoonDocker SideKick™ 2.0 fuel controller w/ USB calibration update capability (update your tune at home)
– FUEL SYSTEM: Base kit includes Fuel System Upgrade ($300 value)

Anticipated Shipping Date: December 1, 2019