The Colorado Billet Head
The Colorado Billet Head The Colorado Billet Head The Colorado Billet Head The Colorado Billet Head

The Colorado Billet Head



Built to complement the BoonDocker Sidekick and Polaris Patriot platform

Optimized for high octane fuels (minimum 100LL Av-gas)

Rugged 6061 billet aluminum construction

Designed specifically for turbocharged applications

BoonDocker designed The Colorado billet head to take the legendary Sidekick Turbo and Polaris Patriot 850 platform to a new frontier.  The Colorado features a higher compression ratio than The Idaho and stock head to maximize power potential.  The Colorado is optimized for 100LL Av-gas.  As a strategically engineered combustion chamber, The Colorado maximizes the output of the Patriot engine, leaving no power left on the table with ensuring reliability.  When paired with the Sidekick Turbo, The Colorado billet head unleashes the full potential of Patriot platform to conquer the most technical terrain on the mountain.



- Purpose-built for maximum performance of high boost, high octane tunes

- Optimized for 100LL Av-gas

- Built from aerospace-grade, 6061 billet aluminum

- One-piece construction with bolt-through cylinder domes to securely fasten the head

- Precision machined to ensure an accurate combustion chamber

- Engineered for maximum cooling

- Ruggedized construction built specifically for turbocharged applications

- Tested specifically to exceed the demands of the mountain enthusiast

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