Polaris Factory Replacment Turbo (Dominator)
Polaris Factory Replacment Turbo (Dominator) Polaris Factory Replacment Turbo (Dominator)

Polaris Factory Replacment Turbo (Dominator)


Direct replacement turbocharger  for the RZR-XP Turbo

Our Dominator turbo-only replacement package is perfect to update your worn out factory-turbo

This is NOT a refurbished or rebuilt turbo.  Our BoonDocker turbo is brand new and has been engineered for higher performance.  You can keep or sell your OEM turbo without a core charge.


NEED A REPLACEMENT FACTORY TURBO? BoonDocker offers the Dominator turbo as a factory-replacement option. Is your old turbo worn out, making noise, or completely broken? Is your machine under factory warranty? Our Dominator replacement turbo is a complete kit (turbo and cold-air intake ONLY), and bolts directly into place of the stock turbo. Our high-quality, brand-new turbo maintains the same quality as the factory turbo, but with a slightly larger A/R and a more efficient wheel.

Simply pull your old turbo off, and bolt on our factory replacement turbo. No tuning, no hassle. The price is comparable to the Polaris OEM replacement. Most warranties allow you to choose your replacement option. Why not gain the extra power, cooler running Dominator?

As a bonus, this turbo-only product yeilds an additional 10 RWHP with NO tuning.

For the RZR XP Turbo enthusiast that demands the highest performance, the Dominator is a direct replacement turbocharger and ECU tuning package centered around affordability and runability.  Don't let this easy-to-own turbo fool you; the Dominator turbo unlocks the potential to build well over 200 HP at your convenience. This option is a factory-replacement only, and includes the turbo and cold-air intake tube. You'll see an additional 10 RWHP from this bolt-on replacement. And, when youre ready, it's easily upgraded with a tuner and clutching to easily build 197 HP on pump gas or 210+ HP on Av-Gas (100LL).* 


Kit includes:

a. BoonDocker turbocharger

b. Cold-air intake tube and associated fittings


We guarantee that you won't find a better deal on power per dollar in a kit that's bolt-on with stock runability and reliability.


*Horsepower gains: On our dyno, a 2018 RZR Turbo S makes 150-155 hp at the wheels, stock. On the same dyno, with the Dominator and pump-gas tune loaded, we consistently see 197-205 rwhp. The high-octane tune comes in at over 210 rwhp. 2016 RZR XPT’s make about 15-20 less rwhp due to several mechanical constraints.